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The available NAD+ pool within our body is in a state of constant flux. We get our NAD+ stores through pathways which require more support as we age. We also get small quantities of NAD+ through our diet from nutrient precursors found in some foods we eat.

In the past decade, Prof. Charles Brenner, the world’s foremost authority on NAD+ metabolism and Chair at City Of Hope National Medical Hospital in California discovered that the body’s naturally preferred NAD+ precursor was a nutrient called nicotinamide riboside (NR).

A nutrient precursor means that when ingested orally, it’s converted naturally into another active substance. In the case of NR, that means its converted into the molecule NAD+.

After years of scientific research and rigorous testing at some of the top research institutes around the globe, NR has been patented NIAGEN® and is the active ingredient in the dietary supplement Tru Niagen® which has been shown to support NAD+ levels.

NAD+ metabolism is such a big topic that scientists have coined the term “NAD+ WORLD” to describe the 400+ processes it supports within our body. Here are examples of just a few:

  • Converting what we eat and drink into energy and enabling our cells’ engines (mitochondria) with that energy
  • Supporting healthy DNA
  • Keeping all of our important organs, brain, eye, muscle, nerve, blood vessel, skin, immune and body systems running smoothly and efficiently

So it’s not surprising that as we age our NAD+ levels are important for our health and wellbeing.

Supporting NAD+ levels is thought to be an important factor in healthy aging.

Scientists studying the world of NAD+ are taking us into a new level of understanding of cell science and what might be possible by supplementing with NAD+ precursor nutrients.

Identifying the existence of NR was a big first step!

NAD+ is an important co enzyme which provides support for all our cells to stay healthy. Heart, brain and nerve cells, muscle and bone cells, reproductive and hormone producing cells, liver, kidney, skin, eye and immune cells all use NAD+ and other nutrients for their daily energy and maintenance.

"NAD+ has a role in wellness at every stage. It supports our health from the inside. When NAD levels are low, our cells can't produce the energy they need to support our health as we age" comments Professor Charles Brenner, the world's leading NAD metabolism expert.