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5 Things Andrew Hughes Couldn’t Live Without on Everest

5 Things Andrew Hughes Couldn’t Live Without on Everest

5 Things Andrew Hughes Couldn’t Live Without on Everest

Andrew Hughes is a Tru Believer and explorer, setting his sights on climbing the Seven Summits (the highest mountains on all seven continents) and reaching both planetary poles.  

Here are the five things Hughes couldn't live without when summiting Mt. Everest.  

1. Coffee Packets 

Coffee is a great way to start the day while I'm still waking up in my sleeping bag. And many brands have great single-serve packets that are considered mountain gold because of their ease of use in rough terrain.

How did it help you on Everest? 

Coffee helps combat some of the symptoms of altitude sickness. It also helps get fluids in for hydration despite the diuretic aspects of it. And it's a great small mountain treat that's easy to pack.

2. eBooks 

A great way to pass the hours tucked in a sleeping bag, lodged in a tent alongside a mountain, is reading a library of books that's easily accessible by phone. 

How did it help you on Everest? 

One of the hardest parts of long expeditions is the many days spent not climbing at all. I spent days stuck in tents, acclimating to different altitudes, or waiting for bad weather to pass.    

Mental health and self-care are crucial parts of my success, and finding stories and worlds to escape to allows the mind to reside elsewhere.  

Everest required numerous days of acclimating at different camps. We were also hit regularly with brutal weather, further delaying the expedition.    

On our final push to the summit, I read four full books over 11 days while fully-zipped into my sleeping bag to keep warm and prolong my phone's battery. 

3. Recovery Drink Mix 

I drink GU Roctane Recovery Drink Mix, which provides 20g of fast-acting whey protein to stimulate muscle recovery and repair, helping reduce muscle damage and soreness. Each serving also offers fast-acting carbohydrates to replenish muscle glycogen stores. It also provides sodium, the primary electrolyte lost in sweat, to aid in rehydration.  

How did it help you on Everest? 

Quality nutrition is always a challenge when climbing. My body is always in caloric deficit after 10+ hours at high altitudes. And big mountains create a challenging trick on the body. The higher I climb, the more calories my body needs. But most of the time, I lose my appetite right when I need it most.    

These protein-recovery shakes became a vital source of nutrition and hydration during my summit push. 

4. My Summit Proposal Flag 

The most important flag I have ever carried to a summit was when I asked my girlfriend Lauren if she would marry me. 

How did it help you on Everest? 

I never reach the summit alone. All the love and support throughout my training and expedition comes with me. There is no way I would have realized my dreams without Lauren and my fellow loved ones. 

Standing atop the world, I wanted Lauren to know that her love is my greatest height of happiness and that no mountain in life is too high for us. 

5. Tru Niagen® 

Every morning as part of my self-care ritual, I take three Tru Niagen® capsules.  

Fortunately, a yak kindly carried my supplement bottles on our trek to Everest Base Camp. But for the journey up the mountain, I had to create carefully planned daily supplement packets optimised for weight and safety and tucked them in my pack. 

How did it help you on Everest? 

Everest Base Camp has an elevation of 17,500 ft., and being at a high altitude punishes the body, so it was vital for me to find ways to sustain the health and strength demanded to reach the summit at 29,032 ft. and descend safely. 

With Tru Niagen®, I knew I was fortifying my success by mitigating cellular damage, supporting my recovery, and providing cellular energy.  

What's next for Andrew? 

Andrew will be aiming to reach the North Pole by ski in April 2022.   

If successful, he will complete the Three Poles Challenge (reaching the North and South Poles + summiting Mt. Everest) and the Explorers Grand Slam (triumphing the Seven Summits + North and South Poles).    

Fewer than 70 people have completed the Explorers Grand Slam. 


Andrew Hughes is a paid spokesperson for Tru Niagen®.